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Imaginary Story Essay - 2914 Words

Imaginary Story Inspector Dixon could recognize slight scratch on the victim’s bracelet. Now he discovered the murderer of Mrs Watson. The only person who could make this scratch was... ‘NICKY!’ My name is Nicky, a seventeen years old college girl, who wants to be a detective in the future. It was a sunny and cloudless day. The library was very quiet. There were about sixteen people in library and two of them were looking for some books on the shelf beside me. My schoolmate, Sally Looney was looking at me in a dull and bored look. Her eyes were half closed and her ginger hairs were stuck to the end. No one might imagine she was a clever girl, who has achieved 12 A* grades in her GCSEs and 5†¦show more content†¦Can you do it?’ Sally was grinning at me and I could not bear any longer. ‘SALLY! I HAVEN’T FINISHED MY BOOK! HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY INSPECTOR DIXON AWAY FROM ME? HOW OLD ARE YOU? CAN’T YOU BE SERIOUS? SALLY!’ My face became red, half due to anger and half due to shame. Everyone in library was looking at us and the glasses of librarian were flashing. ‘But†¦I can spin three books at one go.â⠂¬â„¢ Sally replied in a cheery voice. Now the eyebrow of librarian was twitching. The librarian walked towards us and pointed at a sign, which was saying ‘Keep Silence’. ‘I expect you can read what it is saying, ladies?’ The librarian said in a trembling voice and I could see her long and sharp polished nail. However, Sally still did not realise the seriousness of the situation and carried on spinning the book. ‘Out! Right now!’ The librarian lost her nerve and shouted in an even louder voice than us. Finally Sally dropped her book and we had to run away, as quiet as possible. The librarian was still shouting in the librarian and Sally began to speak to me when she left the library. ‘She is an awful woman, isn’t she? Look! She is even noisy than us. She is disturbing more people than us, isn’t she?’ I did not reply. Oh, Inspector Dixon, who is the murderer? ‘I’ll make you Sally’s Special Pasta, le t’s go to my home.’ Sally looked cheerful and seemed very glad to leave the library. Oh, InspectorShow MoreRelatedCharles Taylor Doesn t Think So And His Almost 900 Page Essay1998 Words   |  8 Pagesthe inadequacy of Mainstream Secularization Theory and the spiritual complexity of our â€Å"cross-pressured† society. The culmination of this story lends voice to a hemisphere’s subconscious, diving beneath the â€Å"taken-for-granted† assumptions of the Western mind to hear the truth. That underlying level of assumption is what Charles Taylor calls a social imaginary: What I’m trying to get at with this term is something much broader and deeper than intellectual schemes people may entertain when they thinkRead MoreAnalysis Of Alfonso Cuaron s Children Of Men2060 Words   |  9 PagesMoore), to get Kee a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea. The aim of this essay is to investigate the power of mise-en-scene, specifically in the use of ‘setting’ and ‘staging’ in key scenes that frames the state of affairs in this imaginary society and the use of omnipresent media in the film and how audience is invited to see it by resembling their own reality. Using close textual anlysis of Children of Men, combined with an ideological critique of post 9/11 global, this analysis willRead MoreFairy Tales Are Imaginary And Magical Short Stories1535 Words   |  7 Pagesand fairytales are not always original and all sanitized to make them appropriate for children to watch. And that key element unintentionally or intentio nally can have damaging psychological effects on children. Fairy tales are imaginary and magical short stories that are based on some folktales or created for children. Disney is famous for making fairy tales, movies and having a large impact on children’s childhood. Some of the famous Disney movies are Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, SleepingRead MoreSocial Provisions Of Real And Imaginary Relationships1253 Words   |  6 Pagessocially mature. When imaginary companions are created, it helps develop children’s social interactions. Children learn how to interact with others and realize how others could feel emotionally in certain situations. There is a misconceptualization that children with imaginary companions are lonely and do not do well in social situations. Research has showed that children with imaginary companions score higher on IQ tests and do better in social situations. Literature shows that imaginary companions areRead MoreThe Words Of Salman Rushdie932 Words   |  4 Pageswords of Salman Rushdie, a British nove list, â€Å"It may be that writers in my position, exiles or emigrants or expatriates, are haunted by some sense of loss, some urge to reclaim, to look back, even at the risk of being mutated into pillars of salt† (Imaginary Homelands, 16). Rather than interpreting literature as an escape from the world around us, Rushdie sees fiction as a way â€Å"to look back;† it is a way to find something in our past that is relevant to the present and can advance the future. ConsideringRead MoreCan We Have The Coffee Together?1530 Words   |  7 Pagesyoung kids are always innocent and carefree. Unfortunately, this notation has turned to be old-fashion today. Adam Gopnik, a Canadian American writer, essayist and commentator, mentions that his daughter, Olivia, finds out a way to play with her an imaginary friend named Charlie Ravioli. Still, Olivia is a three-year-old kid, it is impossible for her to analyze aspects systematically and creatively. However, for some adults, like Alain de Botton, a Swiss philosopher and writer, seeks out an innovativeRead MoreA Tribe Apart Essay1822 Words   |  8 Pagesthe feeling you have thereafter depends on what you think that others think of you. They are always watching you as you imagine. They are the judge of your every move. You have to be cool, act cool, look cool. To me this is the definition of the Imaginary Audience. To have a constant judgment of your behavior can lead to a phobia or paranoia. It can be positive or negative. For most it becomes a result of your character and leads to you to being self-conscious of your ever move. It’s all about meRead MoreAnalysis of Hermie1009 Words   |  5 PagesHermie by Nathaniel Rich The short story †Hermie† written by Nathaniel Rich portrays the story of a grown marine biologist, who suddenly sees his childhood imaginary friend the crab, Hermie. Though the story at first sight only portrays an encounter between an adult and a forgotten friend, something much deeper hides beneath this tale. It is the story of an insecure man’s sub conscience. The narrator is a married man, living with his wife and 3-year old daughter in Philadelphia. His well-consideredRead MoreA Mercy Essay879 Words   |  4 Pagesfabulist and story teller once said that â€Å"every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either† Here he is trying to say that before we judge or lean towards one side of a story, we should always be aware of the other. I believe Toni Morrison is trying to prove this point in her novel a mercy by depicting her story from the perspectives of various characters in the book. In doing this, the reader quickly learns to look at all sides of a story before jumpingRead MoreThe Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Summary1294 Words   |  6 PagesAway from Omelas The story opens with a description of Setting up a city, followed by narration of real or imaginary events. This tale won the Hugo Award for Best Story of 1974, which is offered annually for a science fiction or fantasy story, considered a classic of the science fiction genre. His premise is based on a moral dilemma, posed by the philosopher William James, who imagined what would be a hideous happiness if it depended on the suffering of a child, a story that can be interpreted

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Trainer - 1496 Words

Roles, responsibilities and relationship in education and training. The aim of this assignment is to identify and understand the teaching role, responsibilities and relationships in education and training in relation to the teaching cycle, by summarising codes of practice and legislation that relates to the roles and responsibilities of a trainer with an airfreight industry. Also, understanding the importance of Equality and Diversity and how this is vital to learners and teachers in meeting the needs of learners. Furthermore, to understand the trainers’ responsibilities in building and maintaining a safe learning environment, promoting appropriate behaviour and building respect for others. The assignment also aims to understand professional relationships between the trainer and other specialists involved in learning, through analysing boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. Finally, identifying and describing points of referral to satisfy potential needs of learners. The role of a trainer is primarily to pass knowledge of a given subject to another person. To achieve desired results a trainer needs to adapt to different roles and understand relevant responsibilities. This statement is especially relevant during execution of the training cycle where each step (Identifying Needs-Planning-Facilitating-Assessing-Evaluating) requires different approach. For instance, during the first step a trainer must perform as an accessor and identify learnersShow MoreRelatedDescribe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher or Trainer in Terms of the Teaching and Learning Cycle. How Might â€Å"Equality†, â€Å"Diversity† and â€Å"Inclusion† Impact on a Learner’s Experience?1081 Words   |  5 Pageswhat your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher or trainer in terms of the teaching and learning cycle. How might â€Å"equality†, â€Å"diversity† and â€Å"inclusion† impact on a learner’s experience? Give examples from your own experience and research to support your assertions. â€Å"This submission is entirely my own work unless I have used quotation marks to indicate my reference to the work of others† As a teacher or trainer, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities that areRead MoreModule 7 – Reflective Practice and Professional Development Essay1243 Words   |  5 PagesReport to compare teaching roles In any organisation there must be some structure and it is this that leads to a selection of teaching and management roles within education. All roles are focused on the quality of service provided to not only the learners but to the community, our stakeholders, awarding bodies, funders and parents. The 3 roles I have chosen for comparison are Team Manager, which is my role at NN, a Trainer on the foundation learning programme at NN and the role of Learning Support AssistantRead MorePtlls Level 4 Assessment Question 1796 Words   |  4 Pagesbelieve are the main roles and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in relation to the teaching and learning cycle and in particular when meeting the needs of learners. How far do your responsibilities as a teacher/trainer go and how do these work in relation to other professionals you may encounter both internally and externally? What boundaries are there with your role and between that of other professionals? As a teacher/trainer, there are certain roles and responsibilities that you have whenRead MoreExplain Own Role and Responsibilities in Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Learners664 Words   |  3 PagesExplain own role and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the needs of the learners As a teacher and trainer I have found that one of the simplest ways to make learning accessible to both myself and to those I am teaching is by relating to real-life situations and circumstances that I have faced. If one takes the approach of trying to memorise lists of facts of how to deal with First Aid situations the information becomes more difficult to absorb and less likely to be retained. Context canRead MoreDescribe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle763 Words   |  4 Pages Brenda Diskin Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle – theory assignment 1 (23/09/09) Roles, responsibilities and boundaries are qualities which the teacher/trainer incorporates into the teaching/training cycle; the cycle consists of identifying needs, planning and designing, delivery, assessment, and evaluation. My role as a teacher/trainer is to first identify what needs to be taught by myselfRead MoreCase Study : Customer Service Skills1440 Words   |  6 Pagesall the company’s staffs, senior managers and customer service trainers. Task breakdown Task 1: Find out the poor customer service areas need to get better for the company’s staffs Task 2: Discuss with the company’s owner and tell him how important to train staffs for customer service Task 3: Make company’s owner agree with the customer service training and issue fund for the training Task 4: Find the experienced customer service trainer to have the customer service training Task 5: Start the customerRead MoreChildren s Engagement And Level Of Positive Experience And Inclusive Relationships Educators960 Words   |  4 Pagesspace and resources are used by children. iii. Resources and materials carefully chosen by Educators, adequate in number, contribute to each child’s sense of belonging and challenge them to explore new possibilities. iv. Children take increasing responsibility for their own health, hygiene and personal care when they can choose what they do. Educators need to provide a secure and predictable environment with adequate space and appropriate facilities and resources. v. When Educators arrange the spaceRead MoreStatement of Purpose for a Career as an Architect or a Personal Trainer1115 Words   |  5 Pagesfactors in the matter are as follows. The education required to enable a job opportunity is the career paths most essential element. Along with the necessary schooling, one must possess or build the skills needed to complete the choice careers responsibilities. Although money may seem greedy and narrow-minded I want to be positive; I will have the ability to care for other and myself with ease, and will remain one of my key focuses. An architectural position requires rigorous educational programs;Read MoreHarrison Brothers Corporation Case Study1570 Words   |  7 Pageswas prepared by Team 4 in response to the Harrison Brothers’ Corporation case from the course text, Human Resource Management Applications: Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Builders, located on page 13. The Role of the HR Manager Brenda McCain views her responsibilities as challenging given that multiple areas of the corporation’s operation need improvement in order to better align with the updated store business strategy. She clearly expresses several areas of need that fall withinRead MoreTeacher, Trainer, Assessor, Reviewer1557 Words   |  7 Pages Teacher, Trainer, Assessor, Reviewer. It will be important to identify the needs of the learners so that you can plan / design the course to meet the individual requirements of the learners, this may be carried out through interview prior to the course taking place or through an application process where the learner needs can be identified, these could include social, physical intellectual, cultural, and emotional issues. Planner, Organiser ,Reviewer. Responsibilities; the course should be designed

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Active relaxation Free Essays

After doing the active relaxation techniques actually felt more relaxed and less stressed out. I usually get headaches every single day but after doing the active relaxation techniques I’ve only gotten a headache once instead of everyday. The techniques helped me feel more calm and less stressed because lately I’ve been stressed about school and getting a job. We will write a custom essay sample on Active relaxation or any similar topic only for you Order Now It’s a great way to help you relax while you’re on the go. Yoga is a form of active relaxation, and I’ve been doing Yoga for my ONCE 101 class. Vive always wanted to do yoga but never really pushed myself to actually start doing it until started college and it was mandatory for me to do it for hat class and I can honestly say that after doing the Yoga feel better than I’ve ever felt before. I’m definitely going to start doing active relaxation more often especially every time start to feel anxious or stressed out and know that it’s really going to help me when it comes time to take midterms and final exams and I know it’s going to help me not get headaches as often. Another thing is that I’ve noticed I have more energy now than I used to before. Before used to be tired all the time, especially during class and I would struggle to keep my head up, but lately haven’t really felt as tired as did before. How to cite Active relaxation, Papers

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The Day I Left Vietnam Essays - DraftCarson Hill, DraftZoro 4 Eva

The Day I Left Vietnam annon KienCuong Nguyen I still remember that day; it was July 4, 1994. My family including my parents, my three younger sisters, and I were going to leave Vietnam to come to the United States. We had permission from the United States government to come over to the United States because my father used to work for the United States Army during the Vietnam war. I woke up about eight o'clock in the morning. After breakfast, I dressed up and walked around to say good-bye to my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors wished me a good life and a better education, some told me keep in touch with them. Then I went back to my house. It was full of relatives and friends. They came to visit us for the last time and some of them would go with us to the airport. My girlfriend was inside; she was waiting for me. I met her one year ago and we fell in love after six months. When she knew I would leave, she cried a lot. I took her to the balcony where we had our privacy. We sat down and then she silently cried on my shoulders. I knew she loved me very much and did not want to let me go. She looked at me with tears and asked, Will you come back? I do not remember how many times she asked me this question. And I always replied with the answer, Yes, I will. I told her, After I finish school in America, I will come back. Then we went out to have lunch at a restaurant near my house. When we came back, everybody was ready to leave because my Dad wanted to get there early in case we had to do some paperwork. Most of people took a bus with my parents and my sisters; some had to leave because they had to take care of their businesses. The airport was near my house so I decided to take a bicycle ride with my girlfriend. We got to the airport about 2:30 p.m. There were so many people, some of them were our family some were friends and relatives of other families who had the same flight with my family. I started to say good-bye to my uncle, my aunt, my cousins, and my friends. I had four close friends who had been with me from elementary to college. We took some pictures and hugged each other the last time. It was time to get into the plane. My Dad called me. Hurry, son. I quickly gave my girlfriend the last kiss, then ran into the checking room without turning back. Then I realized my eyes were full of tears. I did not want to let anybody see me crying so I quickly cleaned my face. The plane took off fifteen minutes later. From the plane I looked down to see the land the last time. All the memories came to my mind and once again my eye was full of tears. When I stepped down to the Atlanta airport, I realized that I really left my heart.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the journey throughou essays

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the journey throughou essays Journey is a word that can be used to describe a physical travel, a switch from different mental states, or even a change in personality. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, journey is used in all these contexts. The theme of journey is evident and is significant throughout the novel. According to, the definition of journey is The act of traveling from one place to another. [. . .] A process or course likened to traveling; a passage: the journey of life. Plots like the one in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are characteristics of a special type of novel, the picaresque novel. This particular form of the roman adventures may be defined as The prose autobiography of a real or fictitious personage who describes his experiences as a social parasite, and who satirizes the society which he has exploited. (Picaresque Novel) The 1911 Edition Encyclopedia, April 7, 2004 There is no doubt that Mark Twain borrowed from the traditions of the picaresque novel, especially from Don Quixote. Consequently, a series of physical journeys occur in the novel. One example of a physical journey is Hucks move from the sivilized Widow Douglas house in the community to the unclean, uncivilized home setting of Hucks father, Pap. So he watched out for me one day in the spring, and catched me, and took me up the river about three mile in a skiff, and crossed over to the Illinois shore where it was woody and there warn't no houses but an old log hut in a place where the timber was so thick you couldn't find it if you didn't know where it was. (Huckleberry Finn, 18). Another physical journey in the novel is Huck and Jims traveling from Hannibal, Missouri to Pikesville, Arkansas. The reader is taken on a tumultuous journey from Hannibal, Missouri to Pikesville, Arkansas that gives as much attention to th...

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Should You Take Online AP Courses 12 Pros and Cons

Should You Take Online AP Courses 12 Pros and Cons SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips There are a variety of reasons why you might want to take online AP courses. Maybe your school doesn’t offer all of the courses you want to take, or you’re homeschooled, or you want to do a little extra academic work to show colleges what you’re passionate about. But there’s a lot to consider before you take the plunge (and possibly drop a few hundred dollars on a class).I’ll take you through some basic information on online AP courses, some pros and cons, who should consider them, and how to choose classes if you do decide to take an AP course online. Finally, I’ll offer some brief blurbs on some of the most popular courses out there. What Is an Online AP Class? An online AP class is meant to mimic the material and workload of an in-person AP course from afar, and to prepare you for the AP exam. So you’ll have readings, lectures, quizzes, and exams just like in regular school, but all of your communication with your teacher (and potentially other students, depending on the course) will take place through your computerprobably mostly through e-mail and IM, although maybe some videochatting or virtual lecture sessions depending on the course. The truth is that every AP class you could take online is going to be a little different, which is why if you do decide to take one (or more), doing research on which course to enroll in is very important. Some are accredited by the College Board, some aren’t; some are free, some cost almost a thousand dollars a pop. Some are essentially graded independent study and others have scheduled virtual â€Å"class† meeting times. That said, there are still some general pros and cons to taking AP courses online. 6 Benefits ofTaking AP Courses Online You can take AP classes that are not offered by your school. You can probably get credit toward graduating high school, although it may just be pass/fail credit on your official high school transcript. You’ll have some flexibility in when you get the work done, so if you have an unusual schedule it might be a good choice for you. You might be able to connect with like-minded students with similar interests! This may be an especial benefit if you are homeschooled or live in a rural area. Depending on where you live, you may be able to take the class for free! Many states have at least one program that is free or low-cost to residents. If you are self-motivated, you may enjoy the semi independent-study format of many of the classes. 6 Drawbacks toTaking AP Courses Online It may or may not boost your official high school GPA. Some high schools will put the letter grade on your transcript, some won’t count the class at all, and some will allow you to count the class as credit, but only as pass/fail. Some of these classes are expensive! Depending on the class and your level of motivation, it may make more sense to self-study for the AP test and then take the exam. If you live in a rural area, you will still need to find a brick-and-mortar school where you can take the exam. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something you will need to keep in mindthe online course won’t coordinate your exam arrangements for you. If you have a hard time getting work done without some supervision, an online course may not have enough accountability for you to get the work done and really get something out of the class, let alone be prepared for the exam. Some of the classes are mostly text-based and not very interactive, so if that’s a hard way for you to learn, it may not be the best option for you. Some classes have been criticized for being an easy A that does not actually prepare you for the AP exam. So read reviews and research carefully! With all this in mind, how do you decide if you should take AP classes online? With the magic of the internet, the world is your classroom! That was corny, sorry. Are Online AP Classes a Good Fit For Me? The number one question you need to ask yourself when deciding to undertake online AP coursework is: why am I doing this? See below for some potential answers and my thoughts. #1: My school doesn’t offer this AP class that I find interesting/valuable/important This is a good reason to take an AP class online! If you don’t have another way of taking the class, and you are invested in the material, you are an ideal candidate for taking online AP classes. Particularly if you live in a rural area and go to a small high school, you should check if your school already partners with an online AP course provider.If so, you will probably be able to take the class for free, have time during the school day to do coursework, and have the class on your official high school transcript! Wins all around. #2: I’m home-schooled and I want to take an accredited (i.e. College Board approved) AP course This is another good reason to go online, although it’s worth noting that the person teaching you at home can get their AP curriculum accredited if they so desire. (More information can be found in our guide to passing yourCollege Board Course Audit.) In that case, you can have the class listed as AP on your transcript. Of course, your home-teacher may not feel equipped to teach you the material, in which case it makes total sense to take an online course. Another benefit to this is that an online course may help you connect with other students, depending on the platform. If your only concern is taking the exam, and you don’t care about having a transcript and grade for the course, you could also consider self-study. Home-schoolers can also list their exam prep â€Å"class† as â€Å"Honors† even if their home course is not accredited by the AP. #3: I have an unusual schedule/scheduling conflict If you have some kind of scheduling conflict with your school’s in-class AP course- maybe there are two AP classes you want to take that meet at the same time, or you are on a work-study program- online courses may be a good option. However, keep in mind that you may not be able to get a letter grade for the online class on your high school transcript even if you can get credit. If this is the case and you’re a junior, you might consider taking the class through your school next year. #4: I want to take an AP class over the summer If there’s an AP class you want to take over the summer that doesn’t work for you during the school year, online courses can be a great way to make that happen. However, you will have to spend a decent amount of time reviewing the material during the following school year if you want to remember anything for the AP exam the following May! This cherub is thinking deeply about his class schedule. Either that, or napping. #5: I want to boost my GPA Your school may or may not allow you to count your letter grade in an online AP course on your high school transcript. They may not give credit, or you may only get pass/fail credit on your official transcript. So if you want a GPA boost, definitely discuss whether the class will even factor into your GPA before enrolling! If you are concerned about your GPA, I would advise you to talk to a guidance counselor at your school. You might also read our article on applying to college with a low GPA. #6: I think it will look good to colleges Taking an online AP course may or may not look good to colleges depending on your circumstances. If you are taking it because it’s not offered at your school or you have a conflict and you’re really interested in the material, it will signal that you are self-motivated and invested in learning. Great! If, however, you want to take online AP courses because you are already stacked six AP courses this year and this is the only way you could possibly fit in more, possibly reconsider. Colleges like candidates who have some interests outside of class- your entire waking life shouldn’t be spent doing AP coursework and preparing for exams. Consider an extracurricular. #7: I want college credit Keep in mind: only some colleges will give you credit for high scores on AP tests,and the score cutoff is different at different schools (some will give credit for a 3, while others will only give credit for a 5). Make sure you know the score cutoffs and credit policies for colleges you are interested in. Another thing to remember is that credit is determined by yourscore on the exam, not whether you took the class or not- so you could self-study if you think you could get the necessary credit that way. #8: I don’t know! If you don’t really know exactly why you would be taking an online AP course, don’t do it until you figure it out. If you don’t have a sense of purpose you won’t be motivated to put in the additional workespecially because online classes tend to be more self-directed than in-person ones. You'll notice I've mentioned self-study several times in the above list. So you are probably wondering what the different is between self-study and an online AP course, and why you would choose one or the other. Read on! What’s the Difference Between an Online AP Class and Self-Study? If you take an accredited (College Board-approved) online AP class, you will get a transcript with aletter grade that shows that you took the AP-level course, which you can send to colleges. You may even be able to get credit towards graduation and have the class be listed on your transcript for your regular brick-and-mortar school, depending on your school’s policies. However, the College Board does not require you to take a class before you can take the AP exam in that subject.This means that you are allowed to self-study- that is, use resources like books, lecture videos, and internet sites to prepare for the exam on your own. In this case you won’t have a class listed on any transcript or a letter grade, but if you do well on the test, you can still potentially get college credit for it, and send in the scores to colleges. Self-studying is a good option if you already have a baseline knowledge level in the subject area, if you are very self-directed, and if all you care about is taking the exam and getting a target score. If you aren’t at all familiar with the material, you aren’t very self-directed, or you want to have a record that you took the course, take an online class instead. If you’ve made the decision to take an online AP course and you’re going to take the plunge, how do you pick from the hundreds of courses available? Online means no blackboard erasers! If people even use those anymore. How Should I Choose My Online AP Course? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options for online AP courses out there. And they are not all created equal. There are a number of factors you should consider when selecting a course: #1: Is the course accredited by the College Board? In other words, is it an official College-Board approved AP course? You can search for a course in the AP course ledger if you aren’t sure. If it’s not accredited, it’s basically providing self-study materials to you,because any transcript you get from the course won’t say â€Å"AP.† This could be fine if your goal is just to prepare for the test, but it's something to be mindful of, particularly with respect to the quality of the material. I would hesitate to lay down five hundred hard-earned dollars on a non-accredited course. #2: Are there admission requirements? Some online AP course providers, like John Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth and Stanford Online High School, have prerequisites or pre-test requirements. Make sure you qualify! #3: Are you confident it’s a high-quality course? For starters, make sure to check outreviews from other people who have taken the course (you could try College Confidential). Here are a few hallmarks of a well-organized course: Are teachers accessible and consistent? Is tech support available to assist with any difficulties you may have? Are there statistics on how well the students do on the AP after taking the course? #4: What’s your budget? Some more â€Å"elite† online courses will run you almost a thousand dollars for an AP class.However, some of these providers also have some form or another of financial aid, so be sure to research that before writing them off.You can certainly find a high-quality AP course that’s a little less expensive. You may just have to look harder. For more ideas foronline AP classesat a variety of price points,check out our article on the best and worst online AP courses, reviewed. Check if your school already has a contract with a remote AP class provider. In this case you can probably take the class for free!Some states also have low or no-cost online classes for residents. The Florida Virtual School offers classes free to FL residents, and Scout, through the University of California, offers some material free to California public school students. #5: How self-directed are you? Some courses will allow you to set your own schedule and have pace flexibility- you’ll be given materials and access to an instructor if you have questions, but it will be more or less a free-range experience. Other classes have scheduled lecture sections and you will lose points if you turn in assignments and assessments late. Be honest with yourself and choose the style that will allow you to get the most out of the course. #6: Will you interact with other students? Is it important to you to have some way to interact or collaborate with the other students in the class through message boards or projects? In this case, make sure your course offers this. #7: Can you do a trial or get a refund if you drop the course early on? If it’s an expensive class, you probably want to make sure that you can get at least a partial refund if you drop the class two weeks in if you change your mind or something comes up. #8: Do you have access to a computer that meets the technical requirements of the course? Since it’s computer-based, the class may have operating system or browser requirements.You don’t want to sign up for a class only to find that you can’t make it work on your computer! He looks like he'd be a great online AP teacher. Very modern. Popular Online AP Courses There are approximately one gajillion online AP classes out there, butyou may or may not want to sift through them all looking for that perfect Cinderella-shoe fit. Luckily for you, I have done a lot of sifting myself and have a brief list of some well-regarded online AP courses. AP US History from the UC system’s Scout program - This course is well-liked for its engaging multimedia lessons and variety in preparation material. Cheaper for CA students, but one of the less expensive options overall. AP Biology from Apex Learning - AP Biology from Apex is commended for its comprehensive virtual lab component- something lacking from many online AP science providers. AP Chemistry from ChemAdvantage - This husband and wife team teach AP Chemistry online with a robust lab component and lots of instructor attention. While primarily for homeschoolers, their FAQ says that they may be able to accommodate students whose schools simply don’t offer AP Chem. AP Psychology from the Florida Virtual School - Students liked this class for being relatively straightforward, although it is mostly self-paced. AP Human Geography from the Florida Virtual School - Students like this class for teacher accessibility and an appropriate difficulty level- interesting, but not frustrating. AP Art History from the Florida Virtual School - Students enjoy the interactive gallery format and find that they retain the material because it is presented so engagingly. AP CS A from the Florida Virtual School - Students feel that not only is Computer Science a natural fit from an online school, FLVS teaches a strong coding foundation and really prepares you for the exam. Plus, it’s fun! For homeschooled students in any state, PA Homeschoolers AP Courses are very well-reviewed, with outstanding teachers being the number one benefit. AP History and English classes are particularly well-liked. However, you must be a homeschooled student to register. Other generally well-regarded online AP providers includeStanford Online High School, Northwestern Center for Talent Development, and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.These providers are specifically for gifted students and have admissions requirements. Theyare generally considered quite comprehensive and in-depth. Choose the course with the most dinosaurs. Getting the Most Out of Online AP Classes If you are going to take AP courses online, you want to make sure you get as much out of them that you possibly can. There’s no point in going to the trouble of taking the class if you aren’t going to learn anything! So how can you succeed? Treat it like a real course - Resist the temptation to slack off just because it’s online and you don’t have to face your teacher in real life. Schedule time to work on it - Set aside specific time slots every week when you are going to work on the course. This will help keep you from falling behind, and improve your ability to take the course seriously. Minimize distractions - When you are doing online coursework, make sure you are in a good working environment like a library or a quiet desk. Don’t turn the TV on, and I advise not working in bed. Utilize the teacher - If you have questions, get in touch with your teacher! One of the advantages of an online course over self-study is that you have access to a paid professional to explain confusing concepts to you if you need it. If you are diligent about keeping on track and get help when you need it, you will find the class much more valuable. Online AP Courses: The Bottom Line Online APs are a great choice for students with unusual schedules or at schools with slim AP offerings. With that said, it’s important to do your research before enrolling in an online AP class. Look for reviews online, check the price point, and triple-check your school’s policies on GPA and credit-transferring the online courses before you take the plunge! What's Next? For more in-depth reviews of online AP courses, see my guide to the best and worst online AP classes. If you need more general information about AP tests, check out "What Are AP Exams and Tests?" by one of our experts. Trying to decide on the best way to get college credit in high school? See our guide tocommunity college classes versus AP classes and exams. Considering other new and exciting AP offerings? Check our guide to AP Research and our guide to AP Seminar. Want to improve your SAT score by 160points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Liability analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Liability analysis - Essay Example The basis of partnership can be made legal by either the word of mouth or through a written agreement. The partnership agreement administers the partner’s relation to each other and to the partnership. The agreement Partnerships between members of the family as in this case are viewed in a different perspective by the law. If the family members are to share in the profits it will be clear that they have a partnership, however, if they are to receive some share of the profits as repayment of debts, or wages the relation is termed as protected partnership, and there will be no legal indication that a business partnership exists. If the family members are to conduct any retail business, there will be clear evidence of an existence of a general partnership. The formation of the partnership is associated with certain rights and duties among the members and with third parties (Cheeseman, 257). Therefore, under this case, each partner will have a right to share in the profits, and al so contribute equally incase of a loss, unless the partnership agreement will have been otherwise stated. Additionally, each partner is allowed to take part equally in the supervision of the company partnership. Incase of a dispute, the majority vote rules. Nonetheless, under a partnership, each member is entailed to the duty of Good faith, and loyalty (West's Encyclopedia of American Law, 7). That is, each partner is required to account to the other partners for any benefit that one receives when engaged in the business partnership. Under the duty of loyalty, no partner is permitted to use the partnership property for ones own personal gains. Also, the partners are not to engage in any business that competes with the partnership. In reference to the contribution of funds as the parents’ idea of 2 million, the contributed resources towards the growth of the business, becomes owned by all members under partnership (West's Encyclopedia of American Law, 20). In addition, any oth er property that is to be purchased by any partner using the partnership assets automatically becomes partnership property and is held under the partnerships name as indicated by RUPA. Transfer of property is only possible under the name of the partnership and, and the partnership property cannot be sold without the consent of members of the partnership. In terms of liability, each member of the partnership is liable to the obligations of the partnership. That is, each partner is equally liable for the unlawful acts or blunder of a member-if the act is committed while the partner is acting under the authority of the other members, or on behaves of the partnership. In UPA Section 15(a) it is said that associates are jointly and severally responsible for the torts and violation of trust. (Cheeseman, 258) Under this a third party can sue one or more associates independently, â€Å"CASE 14.2 Tort Liability of General Partners Zuckerman v. Antenucci† (Cheeseman, 256). Despite the fact that a partner caught on the wrong is sued individually, the partnership agreement provides for the compensation of the partner for the fraction of damages in surplus of ones relative share of the business. Any member in the business partnership will be perceived as an agent of the partnership. That is, each member has the authority to act on behave of the business, and a members admission concerning