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Hybrid Cloud Computing Environment †Free Samples to Students

Question: Examine about the Hybrid Cloud Computing Environment. Answer: Presentation Headspace association is meaning to build up a framework named My Health Record framework that would catch the tale of the patients at the absolute first time it is told. This disposes of the need of retelling the story each time the patient visits another expert. A cloud-based arrangement is resolved to be utilized in this task for its availability and the cost adequacy. The report talks about the cloud based arrangement, which would be flawless to execute in this undertaking alongside the SDLC approach that will be considered for building up the task. The non-utilitarian necessities of the venture alongside an itemized depiction of the cloud based arrangement and SDLC approach are expounded in the accompanying passages (Steele, Min Lo, 2012). The non-practical necessities of the framework help in distinguishing the various standards that would be imperative to consider in keeping up a smooth activity of a framework. It is altogether different from the practical prerequisites as the useful necessities characterize the basic periods of the non-useful necessity (Chung, Nixon Mylopoulos, 2012). The diverse non-useful necessities that are distinguished for the improvement of My Health Record System are expounded underneath. The usefulness of the framework characterizes the various capacities that a framework acts so as to keep up a smooth activity of the framework. The essential usefulness that this framework must perform is the capacity of the patients wellbeing record. In this manner, it is compulsory for the framework to consolidate highlights, for example, include, alter and update of information. Ease of use of a framework is another significant rule for deciding the non utilitarian prerequisites of the framework. The framework ought to be effectively open to the clients and in this way, a basic and simple interface can be considered as another non-practical necessity for the venture. The framework is structured maintaining at the top of the priority list the upsides of computerized information keeping, one of which is the end of problem of manual information get to. Along these lines, the including a choice of information recuperation is a fundamental non-practical necessity that is should have been considered for the framework. A framework is expected to convey elite level, as it is one of the significant parts of this framework. The information availability ought to be productive enough and the information ought to stay open 24*7. Accordingly, the versatility of this framework to various gadgets is viewed as other major non-utilitarian prerequisites of the framework. The framework that will be created for putting away the patients wellbeing records into the framework. This information is delicate and along these lines legitimate safety efforts are basic to execute to shield this information from unapproved get to (Kulkarni et al., 2012). Subsequently, it is a significant non-useful necessity of the framework. Access control is essential so as to protect the touchy idea of the archives that would be put away into the framework. Utilitarian and Non-practical Requirements The contrast between the utilitarian and non-practical prerequisite of the task is that the joining of non-useful necessities in a venture expands the presentation and strength of the framework undeniably. Utilitarian prerequisite then again mostly manages the specialized necessities of the framework. Approval is an utilitarian necessity of the framework while guaranteeing appropriate security consider a non-useful prerequisite. Hence, it tends to be said that the practical and no-useful necessity of the framework is connected. Characterizing the distinctive approval levels help in get to control of the framework (Pearce Bainbridge, 2014). Ease of use and usefulness of the product alludes to the diverse non-utilitarian necessity of the framework, while the useful prerequisite of the framework incorporates a fast access of the patients information put away, in type of rundown proclamation. Utilitarian necessities are in this way basic for framework usage while the non-practical prerequisite of the framework is answerable for improving the presentation of the framework and along these lines, the distinctive non-useful prerequisites recognized for the improvement of My Health Record System ought to be considered for venture advancement. The Chosen Cloud Environment: Hybrid Cloud The Hybrid cloud condition is picked proper for the venture viable due to the constraint of the other two cloud condition. The open cloud condition is simpler to execute and offers a wide scope of favorable circumstances, anyway there are numerous security concerns related with the open cloud. Considering the delicate idea of the information and the clinical wellbeing records of the patients, it's anything but a smart thought to actualize the framework on open cloud. Open cloud condition is inclined to serious assaults and consequently making sure about the information over open cloud would be a hazardous undertaking (AlZain et al., 2012). Accordingly, this cloud condition can't be considered for this situation. Private cloud on other hand despite the fact that is more secure than open cloud condition, usage of the equivalent is expensive and the entrance to the information is restricted. The restricted openness of the information can ruin the specific reason for execution of this fr amework. The fundamental thought behind the usage of this framework is string the wellbeing records of the patients with the goal that each time they visit another expert they need not rehash their accounts. Restricted access to information can turn into a deterrent in satisfying the essential goal of the framework and thusly ought to be kept away from. Cross breed cloud is a blend of open and private cloud that offers all the advantages of an open cloud wipes out the issue of constrained availability of the framework. This permits just the approved individual in getting to the framework. Execution of half breed cloud along these lines is a decent choice to be considered for the framework (Galibus Vissia, 2015). The quality and shortcomings of the half and half cloud condition is explained in the accompanying passages. Quality of Hybrid Cloud The quality of mixture cloud condition are recorded underneath The significant advantage of actualizing this framework in a mixture cloud condition is that it offers all the advantages of an open cloud and the framework is sufficiently secure to store the private information of the patient (Li et al., 2015). Cross breed cloud is anything but difficult to actualize and number of assaults recorded in a mixture cloud is significantly less than that of open cloud. The cross breed cloud condition is simpler to access when contrasted with the private cloud (Li et al., 2013). The shortcomings of executing the framework in a cross breed cloud condition are recorded beneath A programmer can focus on the information development all through people in general and private cloud condition. with an intension of information taking. The expense of usage of cross breed cloud is more than that of open cloud, as the underlying speculation to the framework is significantly high (Chen Zhao, 2012). The Two SDLC Approach: Predictive and Adaptive The product advancement life cycle or the SDLC the executives approach depicts the various stages related with the product improvement life cycle, for example, the arranging stage, the usage stage and the testing stage. Various methodologies of SDLC are available out of which the prescient and the versatile SDCL approaches are expounded in the accompanying passages. This methodology is called prescient as the various periods of the product advancement are anticipated or decided before the inception of the undertaking. This is increasingly similar to the customary cascade approach where every period of the product improvement follows a distinct technique. The culmination of each stage denotes the start of the following stage in programming improvement (Tuteja Dubey, 2012). The degree and task deliverable is clear and pre decided in this methodology and along these lines this sort of SDLC is simpler to execute. The upsides and downsides of the prescient SDLC are expounded in the accompanying sections. The benefits of the product advancement life cycle are recorded underneath The task is commonly finished inside the planned time by following this methodology as the extension and timetable of the venture stays clear all through the undertaking usage. The task necessities stay clear and unaltered all through the venture and thusly this kind of undertaking for the most part doesn't require spending amendment. Documentation control is another significant part of this methodology, which is an or more point. The weaknesses of utilizing prescient SDLC approach are recorded beneath The undertaking extension that is set at the inception of the task can't be changed while the venture is actualized. The task is expected to follow the arranged stages and in this manner usage of another element in the product later is preposterous. Versatile SDLC Approach While the prescient SDLC approach follows the cascade venture technique, the versatile SDLC approach is like the light-footed task advancement system. This sort of technique is executed when the extent of the undertaking isn't clear. This permits the advantage of fusing various highlights while the task is in the advancement stage and along these lines, once in a while it gets hard to finish the undertaking inside a set time (Balaji Murugaiyan, 2012). The advantages and disadvantages of versatile SDLC are explained in the accompanying sections. The various points of interest of utilizing the versatile SDLC the executives are recorded beneath The framework a work in progress can be adjusted while the undertaking is being executed The testing techniques and the nearness of criticism way helps in building up a bug free item The cons of versatile SDLC are recorded beneath The venture gets hard to finish inside set time The expense of usage is high The task of building up My wellbeing record framework has clear degree and prerequisites and is should have been finished as so

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Synthetic Marijuana: the Legal Way to the Grave

Engineered Narcotics-Georgia’s Growing Epidemic As if showing our childhood the risks of medications isn’t sufficiently hard, presently we have company’s fabricating a manufactured type of Marijuana, usually alluded to as â€Å"Spice† or â€Å"K-2†. These company’s focus on our childhood by bundling it beautiful, gleaming parcels and giving â€Å"cool† names like â€Å"magic monkey† or â€Å"purple passion†. They mark these bundles â€Å"herbal incense† and â€Å"not for human consumption† trying to conceal its expected utilize and maintain a strategic distance from FDA guidelines, yet for one bundle containing 5 grams it costs on normal $15. 9-$21. 99. That’s entirely costly for a â€Å"air freshener†. In 2011, 14. 4 percent of 12 graders confessed to exploring different avenues regarding engineered cannabis. Simply last March, multi year old respect understudy, and star soccer player from Fay ette County, Ga. Pursue Burnett kicked the bucket soon after trying different things with this medication. This had administrators act brisk and sanction â€Å"Chases Law† , Georgia House Bill 370, which made this medication a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance and a lawful offense to buy, have and circulate any type of this substance. When this bill was marked by Gov.Nathan Deal, it took around 24 hours for police offices, mine being one, to direct court orders all over metro Atlanta to get this dangerous medication off the racks. Albeit now unlawful, and which is all well and good, there are many retail locations, smoke shops and corner stores that despite everything sell the medication all over Georgia and around the Metro Atlanta region. As speedy as officials take it off the racks, it’s being supplanted similarly as quick. Retailers feel it’s an infringement of their social equality and use pardons like â€Å"we can’t control what clients do with what they buy† or they tell officials they didn’t realize it was unlawful, â€Å"it’s just incense†.If they didn’t realize it was illicit and didn’t think they were doing anything incorrectly, for what reason do they keep it holed up behind the counter, far out and bolted up? For what reason would they say they are charging such a lot of cash for something that ordinarily would cost about $2, if truly utilized as a deodorizer? These, just as a lot more inquiries have been raised by Law Enforcement, yet guardians also. As buyers, the most ideal approach to stop these shops and corner stores from offering this to our childhood is quit purchasing your gas or some other things at these areas. It’s now and consistently will be about the money.Once they see clients going over the road to get gas, they will get the insight. Another way organizations are being notified is telling them that their permit to operate will be disavowed whenever found se lling these and some other unlawful substances from their stores. With the new laws ordered and guardians cooperating with Law Enforcement, we are beginning to get a more tightly hold on this quickly developing scourge that is tormenting are youngsters. References Whitehouse. gov/ondcp http://georgia. gov/blog/2012-08-20/forbidding manufactured pot

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4 Comic Recommendations for Fans of MAKING A MURDERER

4 Comic Recommendations for Fans of MAKING A MURDERER While the sophomore  season of Serial has yet to recapture the the zeal surrounding its debut caper, true crime enthusiasts have found a new obsession on Netflix. The 10-episode Making a Murderer documentary is a sensation. A decade in the making, it chronicles the prosecutionand some argue persecutionof Wisconsins Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey for the 2005 abduction, rape, murder, and mutilation of photographer Teresa Halbach. The crux for the defense teams, particularly in Averys case, was the suggestion that Avery, previously released from prison after serving 18 years for an assault he didnt commit, had been targeted by vengeful county law enforcement and attorneys. Dasseys team further posited that the inept teen was coerced into providing a damaging, though wildly inconsistent confession implicating himself as well as his uncle in the crime. Is this simply a messy and disorganized prosecution, or were one or both of these men wrongfully convicted as the result of a deep conspiracy? Ive personally been watching the series in a loop since it premiered in December, pausing however infrequently to dash out for repeat screenings of The Force Awakens. The twists and turns in the investigation and ensuing trials makes for endlessly compelling television, the level of access an invaluable resource for fans and writers of true crime and legal dramas alike. Theres also something especially bittersweet about Dasseys story in particular, and much has been written about the snapshot of modern tragedy provided by the banal phone conversations with his beleaguered mother. Yeah?Yeah.Huh?Yeah?Yeah. Yeah. Next time on #MakingAMurderer Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) December 23, 2015 Yep, Ive been caught in the riptide, alright. Ive lost days of sleep trying to parse Brendan Dasseys offhand mention of that girl who got eaten by the alligator. #MakingAMurderer Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) January 1, 2016 Absolutely my favorite moment of #makingamurderer A video posted by Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) on Jan 1, 2016 at 10:34am PST Right, so, where to turn to next. Especially for us comic readers. Well, Ive got some options for you. Green River Killer by  Jef Jensen and Jonathan Case   This ones the high water mark for investigative reports on high profile killers, the one I first recommend when asked for non-fiction crime comic recommendations. Stark and sobering, Jensen and Case offer an account of an evolving investigation. Just as the advancement of DNA testing exonerated and freed Stephen Avery after his 18 year bid, those same breakthroughs helped put Gary Leon Ridgway away for at least 49 murders in Washington state. This case is of particular interest because it centers on 180 days of interviews between Ridgway and investigator Tom Jensen, the writers father. Such access is vital stuff. And it doesnt hurt that this Eisner winning book is drawn by Jonathan Case (Batman 66), one of the industrys best craftsman. My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf This is generally the second book I recommend, right after GRK. Again, access is a big thing, but this is a very different book. Written and drawn with an R. Crumb level appreciation for the grotesque and banal in everyday life, My Friend Dahmer is an intimateif sometimes admittedly vagueremembrance of a sociopath in his troubled youth. John Derf Backderf attended Richfield, Ohios Revere High School with Jeffrey Dahmer. Friendships are a tricky thing, and Backderfs seemingly candid depiction of his relationship with Dahmer suggests something closer to observer and curiosity than any deep bond. But the authors speculation about Dahmers home life is a tender addition to the story, particularly as he attempts to make sense of the violence to come. Surviving Saskatoon: Milgaard and Me by David Collier This is a bit of a deep dive and may prove a bit of a goose chase in the vein of finding a green Toyota Rav4 in a packed salvage yard (then again). Published back in 2000, cartoonist David Collier (American Splendor) recounts the trial of another David, Milgaard, wrongfully convicted in 1971 for the rape and murder of a nursing assistant named Gail Miller. Its also a portrait of both  Davids native Saskatoon at the time. Though he was only eight at the time of Milgaards trial, Collier vividly recalls a deeply conservative community, rigid and suspicious. By the time Milgaard was released, a year before Collier released his comic, the man had served 23 years in prison. The essay strip is also collected in Portraits of Life. The Lindbergh Child: Americas Hero and the Crime of the Century (Treasury of XXth Century Murder) by Rick Geary As you can see from the parenthetical in the title, Gearys pretty serial, erserious, about serial killers. Hes written and drawn six graphic accounts of graphic murders from the 20th century, eight more from the Victorian era. Any of them would prove ideal followups to Making a Murder viewers, but Im singling out this, the first in this XXth Century Murder series, for the conspiracy element. The 1932 disappearance, ransom, and murder of toddler Charles Lindbergh,  Jr.  remains a contentious case (as well as a not-so-timely anecdote my mother offers helpless cashiers when shes unable to find correct change in her massive, overstuffed purse). Over a two year investigation numerous suspects were sought and a number of attention-craving interlopers strove to insinuate themselves into the affair. Gearys profiled far more prolific killers, but the Lindbergh case trumps them all for convolution and a startling whorl of deception. Sign up to The Stack to receive  Book Riot Comic's best posts, picked for you. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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Imaginary Story Essay - 2914 Words

Imaginary Story Inspector Dixon could recognize slight scratch on the victim’s bracelet. Now he discovered the murderer of Mrs Watson. The only person who could make this scratch was... ‘NICKY!’ My name is Nicky, a seventeen years old college girl, who wants to be a detective in the future. It was a sunny and cloudless day. The library was very quiet. There were about sixteen people in library and two of them were looking for some books on the shelf beside me. My schoolmate, Sally Looney was looking at me in a dull and bored look. Her eyes were half closed and her ginger hairs were stuck to the end. No one might imagine she was a clever girl, who has achieved 12 A* grades in her GCSEs and 5†¦show more content†¦Can you do it?’ Sally was grinning at me and I could not bear any longer. ‘SALLY! I HAVEN’T FINISHED MY BOOK! HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY INSPECTOR DIXON AWAY FROM ME? HOW OLD ARE YOU? CAN’T YOU BE SERIOUS? SALLY!’ My face became red, half due to anger and half due to shame. Everyone in library was looking at us and the glasses of librarian were flashing. ‘But†¦I can spin three books at one go.â⠂¬â„¢ Sally replied in a cheery voice. Now the eyebrow of librarian was twitching. The librarian walked towards us and pointed at a sign, which was saying ‘Keep Silence’. ‘I expect you can read what it is saying, ladies?’ The librarian said in a trembling voice and I could see her long and sharp polished nail. However, Sally still did not realise the seriousness of the situation and carried on spinning the book. ‘Out! Right now!’ The librarian lost her nerve and shouted in an even louder voice than us. Finally Sally dropped her book and we had to run away, as quiet as possible. The librarian was still shouting in the librarian and Sally began to speak to me when she left the library. ‘She is an awful woman, isn’t she? Look! She is even noisy than us. She is disturbing more people than us, isn’t she?’ I did not reply. Oh, Inspector Dixon, who is the murderer? ‘I’ll make you Sally’s Special Pasta, le t’s go to my home.’ Sally looked cheerful and seemed very glad to leave the library. Oh, InspectorShow MoreRelatedCharles Taylor Doesn t Think So And His Almost 900 Page Essay1998 Words   |  8 Pagesthe inadequacy of Mainstream Secularization Theory and the spiritual complexity of our â€Å"cross-pressured† society. The culmination of this story lends voice to a hemisphere’s subconscious, diving beneath the â€Å"taken-for-granted† assumptions of the Western mind to hear the truth. That underlying level of assumption is what Charles Taylor calls a social imaginary: What I’m trying to get at with this term is something much broader and deeper than intellectual schemes people may entertain when they thinkRead MoreAnalysis Of Alfonso Cuaron s Children Of Men2060 Words   |  9 PagesMoore), to get Kee a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea. The aim of this essay is to investigate the power of mise-en-scene, specifically in the use of ‘setting’ and ‘staging’ in key scenes that frames the state of affairs in this imaginary society and the use of omnipresent media in the film and how audience is invited to see it by resembling their own reality. Using close textual anlysis of Children of Men, combined with an ideological critique of post 9/11 global, this analysis willRead MoreFairy Tales Are Imaginary And Magical Short Stories1535 Words   |  7 Pagesand fairytales are not always original and all sanitized to make them appropriate for children to watch. And that key element unintentionally or intentio nally can have damaging psychological effects on children. Fairy tales are imaginary and magical short stories that are based on some folktales or created for children. Disney is famous for making fairy tales, movies and having a large impact on children’s childhood. Some of the famous Disney movies are Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, SleepingRead MoreSocial Provisions Of Real And Imaginary Relationships1253 Words   |  6 Pagessocially mature. When imaginary companions are created, it helps develop children’s social interactions. Children learn how to interact with others and realize how others could feel emotionally in certain situations. There is a misconceptualization that children with imaginary companions are lonely and do not do well in social situations. Research has showed that children with imaginary companions score higher on IQ tests and do better in social situations. Literature shows that imaginary companions areRead MoreThe Words Of Salman Rushdie932 Words   |  4 Pageswords of Salman Rushdie, a British nove list, â€Å"It may be that writers in my position, exiles or emigrants or expatriates, are haunted by some sense of loss, some urge to reclaim, to look back, even at the risk of being mutated into pillars of salt† (Imaginary Homelands, 16). Rather than interpreting literature as an escape from the world around us, Rushdie sees fiction as a way â€Å"to look back;† it is a way to find something in our past that is relevant to the present and can advance the future. ConsideringRead MoreCan We Have The Coffee Together?1530 Words   |  7 Pagesyoung kids are always innocent and carefree. Unfortunately, this notation has turned to be old-fashion today. Adam Gopnik, a Canadian American writer, essayist and commentator, mentions that his daughter, Olivia, finds out a way to play with her an imaginary friend named Charlie Ravioli. Still, Olivia is a three-year-old kid, it is impossible for her to analyze aspects systematically and creatively. However, for some adults, like Alain de Botton, a Swiss philosopher and writer, seeks out an innovativeRead MoreA Tribe Apart Essay1822 Words   |  8 Pagesthe feeling you have thereafter depends on what you think that others think of you. They are always watching you as you imagine. They are the judge of your every move. You have to be cool, act cool, look cool. To me this is the definition of the Imaginary Audience. To have a constant judgment of your behavior can lead to a phobia or paranoia. It can be positive or negative. For most it becomes a result of your character and leads to you to being self-conscious of your ever move. It’s all about meRead MoreAnalysis of Hermie1009 Words   |  5 PagesHermie by Nathaniel Rich The short story †Hermie† written by Nathaniel Rich portrays the story of a grown marine biologist, who suddenly sees his childhood imaginary friend the crab, Hermie. Though the story at first sight only portrays an encounter between an adult and a forgotten friend, something much deeper hides beneath this tale. It is the story of an insecure man’s sub conscience. The narrator is a married man, living with his wife and 3-year old daughter in Philadelphia. His well-consideredRead MoreA Mercy Essay879 Words   |  4 Pagesfabulist and story teller once said that â€Å"every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either† Here he is trying to say that before we judge or lean towards one side of a story, we should always be aware of the other. I believe Toni Morrison is trying to prove this point in her novel a mercy by depicting her story from the perspectives of various characters in the book. In doing this, the reader quickly learns to look at all sides of a story before jumpingRead MoreThe Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Summary1294 Words   |  6 PagesAway from Omelas The story opens with a description of Setting up a city, followed by narration of real or imaginary events. This tale won the Hugo Award for Best Story of 1974, which is offered annually for a science fiction or fantasy story, considered a classic of the science fiction genre. His premise is based on a moral dilemma, posed by the philosopher William James, who imagined what would be a hideous happiness if it depended on the suffering of a child, a story that can be interpreted

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Trainer - 1496 Words

Roles, responsibilities and relationship in education and training. The aim of this assignment is to identify and understand the teaching role, responsibilities and relationships in education and training in relation to the teaching cycle, by summarising codes of practice and legislation that relates to the roles and responsibilities of a trainer with an airfreight industry. Also, understanding the importance of Equality and Diversity and how this is vital to learners and teachers in meeting the needs of learners. Furthermore, to understand the trainers’ responsibilities in building and maintaining a safe learning environment, promoting appropriate behaviour and building respect for others. The assignment also aims to understand professional relationships between the trainer and other specialists involved in learning, through analysing boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. Finally, identifying and describing points of referral to satisfy potential needs of learners. The role of a trainer is primarily to pass knowledge of a given subject to another person. To achieve desired results a trainer needs to adapt to different roles and understand relevant responsibilities. This statement is especially relevant during execution of the training cycle where each step (Identifying Needs-Planning-Facilitating-Assessing-Evaluating) requires different approach. For instance, during the first step a trainer must perform as an accessor and identify learnersShow MoreRelatedDescribe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher or Trainer in Terms of the Teaching and Learning Cycle. How Might â€Å"Equality†, â€Å"Diversity† and â€Å"Inclusion† Impact on a Learner’s Experience?1081 Words   |  5 Pageswhat your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher or trainer in terms of the teaching and learning cycle. How might â€Å"equality†, â€Å"diversity† and â€Å"inclusion† impact on a learner’s experience? Give examples from your own experience and research to support your assertions. â€Å"This submission is entirely my own work unless I have used quotation marks to indicate my reference to the work of others† As a teacher or trainer, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities that areRead MoreModule 7 – Reflective Practice and Professional Development Essay1243 Words   |  5 PagesReport to compare teaching roles In any organisation there must be some structure and it is this that leads to a selection of teaching and management roles within education. All roles are focused on the quality of service provided to not only the learners but to the community, our stakeholders, awarding bodies, funders and parents. The 3 roles I have chosen for comparison are Team Manager, which is my role at NN, a Trainer on the foundation learning programme at NN and the role of Learning Support AssistantRead MorePtlls Level 4 Assessment Question 1796 Words   |  4 Pagesbelieve are the main roles and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in relation to the teaching and learning cycle and in particular when meeting the needs of learners. How far do your responsibilities as a teacher/trainer go and how do these work in relation to other professionals you may encounter both internally and externally? What boundaries are there with your role and between that of other professionals? As a teacher/trainer, there are certain roles and responsibilities that you have whenRead MoreExplain Own Role and Responsibilities in Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Learners664 Words   |  3 PagesExplain own role and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the needs of the learners As a teacher and trainer I have found that one of the simplest ways to make learning accessible to both myself and to those I am teaching is by relating to real-life situations and circumstances that I have faced. If one takes the approach of trying to memorise lists of facts of how to deal with First Aid situations the information becomes more difficult to absorb and less likely to be retained. Context canRead MoreDescribe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle763 Words   |  4 Pages Brenda Diskin Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle – theory assignment 1 (23/09/09) Roles, responsibilities and boundaries are qualities which the teacher/trainer incorporates into the teaching/training cycle; the cycle consists of identifying needs, planning and designing, delivery, assessment, and evaluation. My role as a teacher/trainer is to first identify what needs to be taught by myselfRead MoreCase Study : Customer Service Skills1440 Words   |  6 Pagesall the company’s staffs, senior managers and customer service trainers. Task breakdown Task 1: Find out the poor customer service areas need to get better for the company’s staffs Task 2: Discuss with the company’s owner and tell him how important to train staffs for customer service Task 3: Make company’s owner agree with the customer service training and issue fund for the training Task 4: Find the experienced customer service trainer to have the customer service training Task 5: Start the customerRead MoreChildren s Engagement And Level Of Positive Experience And Inclusive Relationships Educators960 Words   |  4 Pagesspace and resources are used by children. iii. Resources and materials carefully chosen by Educators, adequate in number, contribute to each child’s sense of belonging and challenge them to explore new possibilities. iv. Children take increasing responsibility for their own health, hygiene and personal care when they can choose what they do. Educators need to provide a secure and predictable environment with adequate space and appropriate facilities and resources. v. When Educators arrange the spaceRead MoreStatement of Purpose for a Career as an Architect or a Personal Trainer1115 Words   |  5 Pagesfactors in the matter are as follows. The education required to enable a job opportunity is the career paths most essential element. Along with the necessary schooling, one must possess or build the skills needed to complete the choice careers responsibilities. Although money may seem greedy and narrow-minded I want to be positive; I will have the ability to care for other and myself with ease, and will remain one of my key focuses. An architectural position requires rigorous educational programs;Read MoreHarrison Brothers Corporation Case Study1570 Words   |  7 Pageswas prepared by Team 4 in response to the Harrison Brothers’ Corporation case from the course text, Human Resource Management Applications: Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Builders, located on page 13. The Role of the HR Manager Brenda McCain views her responsibilities as challenging given that multiple areas of the corporation’s operation need improvement in order to better align with the updated store business strategy. She clearly expresses several areas of need that fall withinRead MoreTeacher, Trainer, Assessor, Reviewer1557 Words   |  7 Pages Teacher, Trainer, Assessor, Reviewer. It will be important to identify the needs of the learners so that you can plan / design the course to meet the individual requirements of the learners, this may be carried out through interview prior to the course taking place or through an application process where the learner needs can be identified, these could include social, physical intellectual, cultural, and emotional issues. Planner, Organiser ,Reviewer. Responsibilities; the course should be designed

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Active relaxation Free Essays

After doing the active relaxation techniques actually felt more relaxed and less stressed out. I usually get headaches every single day but after doing the active relaxation techniques I’ve only gotten a headache once instead of everyday. The techniques helped me feel more calm and less stressed because lately I’ve been stressed about school and getting a job. We will write a custom essay sample on Active relaxation or any similar topic only for you Order Now It’s a great way to help you relax while you’re on the go. Yoga is a form of active relaxation, and I’ve been doing Yoga for my ONCE 101 class. Vive always wanted to do yoga but never really pushed myself to actually start doing it until started college and it was mandatory for me to do it for hat class and I can honestly say that after doing the Yoga feel better than I’ve ever felt before. I’m definitely going to start doing active relaxation more often especially every time start to feel anxious or stressed out and know that it’s really going to help me when it comes time to take midterms and final exams and I know it’s going to help me not get headaches as often. Another thing is that I’ve noticed I have more energy now than I used to before. Before used to be tired all the time, especially during class and I would struggle to keep my head up, but lately haven’t really felt as tired as did before. How to cite Active relaxation, Papers

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The Day I Left Vietnam Essays - DraftCarson Hill, DraftZoro 4 Eva

The Day I Left Vietnam annon KienCuong Nguyen I still remember that day; it was July 4, 1994. My family including my parents, my three younger sisters, and I were going to leave Vietnam to come to the United States. We had permission from the United States government to come over to the United States because my father used to work for the United States Army during the Vietnam war. I woke up about eight o'clock in the morning. After breakfast, I dressed up and walked around to say good-bye to my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors wished me a good life and a better education, some told me keep in touch with them. Then I went back to my house. It was full of relatives and friends. They came to visit us for the last time and some of them would go with us to the airport. My girlfriend was inside; she was waiting for me. I met her one year ago and we fell in love after six months. When she knew I would leave, she cried a lot. I took her to the balcony where we had our privacy. We sat down and then she silently cried on my shoulders. I knew she loved me very much and did not want to let me go. She looked at me with tears and asked, Will you come back? I do not remember how many times she asked me this question. And I always replied with the answer, Yes, I will. I told her, After I finish school in America, I will come back. Then we went out to have lunch at a restaurant near my house. When we came back, everybody was ready to leave because my Dad wanted to get there early in case we had to do some paperwork. Most of people took a bus with my parents and my sisters; some had to leave because they had to take care of their businesses. The airport was near my house so I decided to take a bicycle ride with my girlfriend. We got to the airport about 2:30 p.m. There were so many people, some of them were our family some were friends and relatives of other families who had the same flight with my family. I started to say good-bye to my uncle, my aunt, my cousins, and my friends. I had four close friends who had been with me from elementary to college. We took some pictures and hugged each other the last time. It was time to get into the plane. My Dad called me. Hurry, son. I quickly gave my girlfriend the last kiss, then ran into the checking room without turning back. Then I realized my eyes were full of tears. I did not want to let anybody see me crying so I quickly cleaned my face. The plane took off fifteen minutes later. From the plane I looked down to see the land the last time. All the memories came to my mind and once again my eye was full of tears. When I stepped down to the Atlanta airport, I realized that I really left my heart.